Professional Master in History Teaching


The Professional Master in History Teaching (ProfHistória), offered nationwide, is a stricto sensu postgraduate program recognized by the Coordination of Higher Education Personnel (Capes) of the Ministry of Education (MEC). Led by the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro (UFRJ), it aims to provide continuing education for teachers of the History of Basic Education, with the objective of giving certified qualification for the exercise of the profession, contributing to the improvement of teaching quality. The PROFHISTORY seeks the continuing education of history teachers focused on innovation in the classroom, while critically and responsibly reflecting on relevant issues about different uses of historical information present in society at the same time. This teacher will need to respond to the educational challenges of contemporary Brazil, considering fundamental principles of the construction of historical education. Participants in the National Examination of Access to ProfHistory may be candidates with a bachelor’s degree, duly registered with the Ministry of Education, who are teaching History classes in any year of Basic Education (Elementary and High School).



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